Many people are comprehending the benefits of marijuana consumption more and more. Traditional smoking raises many health concerns, however vaporizing is eliminating 90% of smoke and the risk of inhaling other harmful toxins. The purest method of smoking is in fact is vaporizing.

With that being said, which vaporizer is the best choice for you?
Do you fancy portable or desk top vaporizers?
Do you need a vaporizer for dry herb, wax or oils?
Below is a rating from the best to the worst vaporizers of 2016 from all categories (desktop and portable).
Let’s start with the best vaporizers:

  1. The Herbalizer

Top-notch vapor from a great desktop vaporizer packed with many sophisticated functionalities.

Price: $599
Vaporizes: Dry Herbs, Oils and Wax
Assisted Delivery System
Whip & Balloon System
Auto Shutoff w/ Sleep Function LCD Display
Magnetic Bowl CoolGrips™ Insulated Bowl
SqueezeValve™ Balloon System 2 Year Warranty
Desktop only, not portable
Does not come with lifetime warranty
Quality could be better for the price
Rating: 9.8/10


  1. FireFly 2

Instead of relying solely on conduction, the Firefly 2 heats through convection, which is the best heating method that ensures the full vape experience.
Price: $329
Vaporizes: Dry Herbs, Oils and Wax
5 Second Heat-Up Time Variety of 5 different colors Touch Sensor Activation
6 Preset Temperature Settings Borosilicate Glass Vapor Path & Bowl Convection Heating Technology
Rechargeable/Replaceable 7.4v Li-Ion Battery Constructed From High-Quality Magnesium Alloy
Available iOS/Andorid App for Enhanced Vapor Customization
Not too durable
Temperature control is difficult
Does not come with lifetime warranty
Not very affordable
Rating: 9.7/10


  1. Airvape Xs

The best performance from conduction and convection heating combination, the most affordable high-end vaporizer.
Price: $179
Vaporizes: Dry Herbs and Wax
Type of vaporizers: Portable vaporizers
Most affordable
Conduction and convection heating combination
Easy to use settings
Fast heating
Exact temperature control
Vibrates When Ready
Ultra Thin and Discreet Design
Comes with Lifetime Warranty
Vaporizes wax with the wax insert
Unchangeable Battery
Battery life could be longer
Small(er) oven chamber
Rating: 9.5/10


  1. Vapir Rise

If this vaporizer would be placed on a higher position by function but unfortunately is not portable.
Price: $250
Vaporizes: Dry Herbs and Wax
No Fan Mode Option
Ultra-Quiet Operation
Blue Blacklit LED Display
Touch Pad Control System
Includes Multi-User Adapter
Precise Temperature Control
Reaches Temp in Under One Minute…